Sunday, December 2, 2007

testing a video.

Christmas free day out.


Today is the Free Christmas fun day that our local super market puts on each year. It is an all day event with lots of fun for the kiddies. As you enter they give you a Santa hat and you pass on to a table full of cakes, they place three on a plate and give you a cup nearly full of melted chocolate to pour over your cakes.

There are many, many raffles and many really good prizes. It must cost thousands to put on.

..............................................................First and second prise.

They went on to put out two more mountain bikes a child's bike a pram they were still putting prizes out as we left. We arrived at 9am but did not stay very long this time as we were on our own. (Jeanette and Brian are in England) and no family this year :O(

Doug and Liz came to in 04 and Leeta and children came in 05

as did Pip & Jo. Can you spy Jeanette in the photo of Jo? It is a great day with lots to do. There is a bouncy castle, face painting etc for the children. Father Christmas and his helper arrive and all the children go for their presents and then the adults!!! Here I am queuing

........................waiting for a kiss and my pressy. (can you notice me copping a quick feel)
There is a professional photographer there and all the photos are given out free later. There must be hundreds of people that pass through as it opens at 8am and closes at 5am. ALL get a present from Santa.

Dave was not to be left out of the pressy or the 'feel' Just take a look at Santa's face and the shock horror of what this OAP is doing to him, his expression is ace!
The food as you see is plentiful and scrumptious.
They serve wine beer and juice & coke etc all day also.

At the end of the day they throw loads of sweets and all the remaining presents out. The year before last we brought home eight parcels and lots of bars of chocolate. (Last year I was at Leeta's)

I don’t think we shall go back this year for the sweets, photo and presents as we have Church and it would be a rush.

Every where you look are red hats :O)

Tina Spain.