Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh my goodness me

As you know I have a bad stomach, it just is very painful. Because of this after chatting for a while with Babs I tidied up and went to bed early (about 2am) I was very uncomfortable in bed and thought I could not sleep UNTIL both Dave and myself was woken with a jolt by the dogs barking wildly.

Dave got up to investigate and I snuggled into his spot until he told them off and came back to bed :O)

He did come back to the bedroom but only to say “Tiny get up the police want to speak to you and he disappeared! I thought I must be dreaming, it was 3.15am and the police wanted to talk to me! Whatever for?

Our bedroom door opens into the front room as does the front door the other side! I was very embarrassed to walk out of the bedroom in case they were in the front room, they were not. Our front door was wide open and there was a police man standing just behind the Nat screen, he had a torch and shone it into the front room and on my face. I switched the light on (although the room was well lit up with all the car head lights lol)

He asked me to step outside (thank goodness we live in Spain, although it was still very chilly) I did so and was horrified to see poor Dave surrounded by police, three police cars had been driven (at what looked like high speed in order to swerve them round and up the pavement facing out front door) Dave said there were at least three more parked the other side of out wall! And two more up the road. There was also an ambulance with flashing lights, and I kid you not at least ten policeman, about three others dressed all in yellow and the ambulance medic, all in our front garden!

There were three police all asking me “No problem? You no phone? You no scream” I said ‘no’ and they said can they step in, I said yes of course. Once inside they tried to speak to me, it was hard for them to try to explain in English but I gather someone phoned them and they were screaming and said come quick to No. 4. They gave this address.

At the same time the ambulance man were checking my arms and said again “No problem” making the sleeping jester I repeated I was fine, I was asleep. They then asked if anyone else was here, again I said No, they asked if they could check around, I said yes two policemen one behind the other opened the bedroom door, shone the torch and shouted something, at the same time two went upstairs, they shouted something and returned down. I had heard them opening the back door onto the sun roof.

Dave returned inside with a few policeman and they asked me if I was OK, I again said Fine thank you.

After apologising they said goodnight and got in there cars and drove away, the ambulance following.

I soo wanted to take photos but did not know how to explain it, I did click one off without the flash from the front room window just as they were leaving, you can just see three cars headlights shining on the pavement facing our house.

There were still lots of policemen in the garden but because I took this from the window left window they were not in view.

Well goodness only knows what it was all about, but needless to say it was very exciting after the first shock! I did pray for whoever was screaming and made that phone call. I hope the police found them.

Well Sandie you asked me to blog about what happens in Spain!!