Saturday, March 1, 2008

oooh thank you every one :O)

Just a small blog

I just want to thank everyone for their fantastic present I was bestowed with. Lots and lots of craft items along with loads of pretty card. All to be used when card making.

I will be undertaking a project soon; making a bible book card.

Sandie gave me the cover in the form of a deep chocolate leather look card, Sindie gave me this fantastic paper to make very fine tissue like pages that can hopefully be typed on.

I am not sure where she got it or what it is called and unfortunately have forgotten how to use it BUT no matter, my friend Jeanette has come to the rescue as she used to use it when making cards for the infants she used to teach.

I shall do a proper blog with some photos another day. I am very busy and not feeling the biz at the moment.