Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just a short ‘funny’ blog for you

Pilar (our interpreter) came round this morning to pick up my medical card ready for her to get my medication in preparation for the ‘bowel camera’

I offered her a drink and she reclined saying “Oh no, I have hot tea” As she only had her handbag with her, I assumed she may have answered in ' typical Spanish English', I asked if she took milk and sugar, she repeated that she has hot tea, opening her quite large bag she pulled out a plastic 1 pint plastic water bottle filled with black hot tea! I could not stop laughing as I told her about our bag contents fun, she promptly told me to get my pen. She had:
I pint of hot black tea
A screw driver (for her gate!)
Large fan
Cooling spray
The biggest ever address book
A very heavy looking file a fax
A phone
A note book and pen
A Spanish/English dictionary that was very large and heavy.
A red triangular scarf that she told me belonged to her large dog that died two months ago,

she swallowed a ball and they had to operate to remover it but her kidneys failed and she died three days later. She was a lovely large dog that we have met several times. Only four years old. :O(

She had many other things but but as she had started to cry we never continued.

The hot tea beat you all I think!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Tip runs


Thought I would show you what Dave got from the tip runs, this is especially for you Poo to look at.
They came from the restaurant across the road. The large brown wooden box was full of , brown and white sugar packets, also sweetener powder (showing in the photo) any takers :O) The sugar we have made use of. The two boxes above had a very large bottle of champagne in them...empty!
For those of you that do not understand what I mean by 'tip runs' I will explain. In Spain they have a fantastic idea.

With the very hot weather, bins are not kept in the house, nor do we have dustbins, you dispose of the waste into the communal carts as and when you get it. In most houses you see a carrier bag hooked up somewhere in the kitchen and this is filled and emptied whenever you are going out.

3 We have very large bins which are parked usually within a five minute walk from any house (ours is just a few seconds down the road) There is a place next to the carts for a ‘Take it if you need it’

Anything you no longer need, be it clothes, furniture, electrical goods, even fruit and food that have grown in abundance in gardens or groves, in fact just about anything will be found there waiting for a good home. Dave does the ‘Tip runs’ regularly along with lots of others people :O)

You do have to be quick and lucky. What isn’t taken by the end of the day (about 1.30 am) is taken away with the rubbish to keep the streets tidy. Our home is practically made up from these ‘gifts’.
Tina Spain

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Contents of my bag

Purse / empty
Pen perfume holder
mini brush in holder for in-between my teeth

thin sheet perspex for teeth
Perfume atomiser…empty
Intimate hygiene wipes
Note pad and pencil
Large safety pin
Three paper hankies
Two indigestion tablets
Silk string bag holding three earl grey tea bags
Three IBS tabs
One tablet for Miniars disease attack
One silver (is it called filigree) pill box
One lip shine
One hearing aid battery
One C.I.B.T.A.C calculator
One flat sewing kIT
One glasses cleaner spray & cloth
One flat magnetic address book (this is open partly)
Just look how flat they both are!
One glass nail file in case
One pair silver folding scissor
One St Christopher medal pinned in bag
One mobile phone
One double sided mirror
Pack of address cards I made
One Barclays Visa card
One Regimen Comunitario Residente card with my finger prints

One Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea card (Holds all my details Spain has given me)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Birdie Num Num

Take a look at this photo Dave took with his mobile in one hand whilst feed num num with the other.

She is getting so tame now. Her feathers are all messed up and sticking straight up in between her wings from feeding her young :O)

I made a bird feeding box from a tray that food came in! I put some pine nuts and sunflower seeds etc. into a little bowel next to it. I brought them for myself as a treat whilst in England two years ago, I completely forgot I had them. I also soak french bread in water over night, I break it for them the next morning. They polish both off.

Birdie Num Num still prefers to be hand fed!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good news at last!

Good news on the western front. Dave has just phoned England (well earlier today) about his pension and guess what? They have been under paying me; they are upping my pension to …wait for it…£53.00 per week. I believe I have the correct amount, I cannot remember and Dave is out walking the dogs. He he, how wonderful is that.

What with Dave’s pension and mine going up so much this time next year Rodders we will be billionaires.

Just a silly, happy little blog.


view from Lydl's

OK, thought you may like to see our view from the Lidl's car park :O)

See the sea behind the lidl'e post?

Very nice ah, makes shopping a little brighter! Look at the colour of the sea and the sky. These two photos was taken on two different shopping days and from two different Lidl's. This one is our very local one. The other a little further on.

Car hic up

Dave was out in the car when he had to stop at a cross road that was showing a stop sign, the car behind him did not! The chap was German and spoke no English so the whole thing was a bit of a night mare for Dave. He managed to get all the details.

Dave cannot understand why so much damage was done, or why the lamp was not smashed! You should see the other mans car according to Dave, it is completely smashed in, the Bonnet is jammed up and all sorts

When Dave managed to contact the Insurance people he was told that we will have to pay the first £200.00. My gast was truly flabbergasted as I thought it would be up to his side to pay ALL the expenses, apparently not.

We were saving to have the air con in the car mended and then my washing machine and then a printer! Ha it has all slipped back a couple more months now. Dave is frightened to leave the air con in the car as it was not just for our comfort we were having it repaired (and believe it when I say we need it with the outside over 100degrees. Not to mention the inside) it is to keep the car and engine cool or something, Dave said it is slowly being messed up.

The photos do not show the damage in half its glory.

The part that is damaged surrounds the entire bottom of the car and all the side and even the roof, it is one piece! The under bit will have to be replaced as well, so £200.00 will only be a drop in the ocean I think.

I have no washing machine, no printer, no Photoshop and no car for a week, not to mention any money!!!!! That does not sound bad when you just type it does it BUT. Washing by hand in this heat is not funny, not being able to print any inserts for birthday cards or anything else we want to print is a very big nuisance and not having Photoshop to make my photos small enough for me to put on the blog is just another pain! I have to put it all on my flash and cart around to Jeanette’s for her to let me do it on her computer! She is a blessed ark angel.

The one good thing in all this is that Dave was not hurt, you know his track record. He hit his head this morning on…wait for it….The flipping fridge door! I heard the bang and then the Oh, when I rushed in he was hopping around (as only a man can do, when he gets a little bump) anyway the fridge door was wide open, he he, whilst getting a beer out he stood up and hit his head on the top of the door, ha ha he he, sorry Dave I just cannot help laughing, he still had his head inside the fridge!! Lol

Oh well it is all sent to try us, the world is a horrid place and we are NOT in that place so we have to count our blessings ah? I am happy with my lot, warts and all. :O)

Tina. Spain