Saturday, July 28, 2007

Salt lakes of Torrevieja and Orihuela (La Mata)

Hi all,

Thought I might tell you a little bit about our famous Salt lakes, we pass them every time we do a shop! We have them at Torrevieja and Orihuela, (the Orihuela lake is called ‘lagoons of La Mata’ they are famous for their salt production. This is a photo I took when we were last there of the pink lake and the Hugh lumps of salt that look much like snow

As you drive into Torrevieja it is so impressive and fascinating to see the huge salt mountains piled up outside the salt storage. Torrevieja and Orihuela produce each year more than half a million tons to be used as rough salt or refined salt for your table! (Think of us when you use your salt and pepper next time). Next time I shop in Torrevieja I will take some photos of the huge salt lakes surround the road down from Alicante and the mountains of salt. Here is a photo of the salt being taken out to sea to the large boats.

The most delightful site of all is the beautiful Flamingos you see basking in the pink salt lake. Dave and I were wondering if the reason Flamingos are pink is because of the bright pink salt lake they swim and eat in. Here is a photo of Paul and Kirstie about to try ‘the floating thing’

The salt lakes and Orihuela is said to be, by the World Health Organisation one of the healthiest climates on the planet, and we live here! Yes we do, take a look at our address. Orihuela-Costa. :O) This is a photograph of our sun sets.
Wish someone would tell Dave that and stop him falling and hurting himself all the time!
The following information is taken from a pamphlet.

The history of Torrevieja is to a large extent centered on the nearby twin lagoons of La Mata ( Orihuela) and Torrevieja. The two lakes are separated by just over a kilometer, Torrevieja is the larger lake, but La Mata has been historically the more important for it’s health value. The salt lakes traditionally belonged to the crown and served as royal hunting grounds. The king however granted hunting licenses and concessions to local allies.

The middle of the thirteenth century saw the first crown licenses granted to the residents of the nearby town of Orihuela to harvest salt.

Remember, this was an era where salt was a scarce and coveted resource. By the end of the middle ages La Mata, together with Ibiza, became the most important centre of salt production in the kingdom of Aragon. In fact, even today salt is extracted commercially from the lagoons. Nowadays, the water is allowed to heat up in La Mata lagoon, but the actual extraction of the salt takes place in Torrevieja lagoon, to where the water is transferred by means of an artificial channel. Because of the high salinity of the lakes there is little aquatic vegetation.

Tina. Spain

Friday, July 27, 2007

Our Church party


Some of you are aware that our Pastor Rafael and his wife Mary and four children will be going to America (there home town) for one year. They are missionaries and evidently have financial support from various Churches in America, they have to return once every four years to visit each Church and share what has been done with the donations.

They will also be having ‘much needed time out’ to be with their families. Rafael will be pasturing his home town Church whilst they are in town with family as the town has lost its pastor. Mary was telling me that not one of them want to go at all, they have very tearful days indeed, but it must be done. The return to Spain will also be tinged with sorrow as they will be leaving their two elder daughters in college in America for two years.

Again my sister’s were aware I made them a card to present them on the night of the party.

They were thrilled with it and thought it a great reminder of the ‘family’ they will be leaving behind. It was a total surprise to them. Here is the card for those who have not seen it. It represents the inside of the Church hall. I remembered making one very similar for my Brother Bill and thought I may use the idea once again.

The evening was great and a lot of fun was had by all. The food was fantastic, I was given some chicken legs and delicious cream cake to take home with me, the chicken will do us a treat over the next three/four meals. It has been separated and frozen.

We played lots of fun games, and guess what? I came 1st in the quiz game, yes it is true. I had the most points out of the whole Church! What Tina I hear you say.

Irene Maria asked hands to be put up if anyone had over 300 point. No hands then 200 no hands then 175.Mine shot up and to my amazement I was the only hand. The last question gained me 100 points. :O) The question that won me the first prize was ‘Give yourselves ten points for each ring you are wearing on your hands’ 100 points!!!! I only had up to that point a measly 75 points. Lol

Here is a photo of Rafael Mary and myself with card.

Tina Spain

Our visit to the Vets

I noticed the other day that Toff was licking her back paw a lot; I tried to look but she really yelped. then I clipped away the hair to expose what looked like a deep hole like a tooth bite on one of her toes. It was red and swollen. She had a very bad paw once before, it was a corn type spike embedded in her flesh.

As money is very tight we decided that we would treat it with the same iodine we had left over from her last visit. She stopped yelping when we touch it, and it was looking better so we thought we had it licked (or Toff had anyway he he)

This morning I decided to clip the dogs and bath them. I started really early as it gets well over 100 degrees after 10.30 until about 7pm. I decided to start with Toff, she is the biggest so therefore a lot more work but very easy and well behaved compared to little Giz who is scared stiff and wingy :O) . See how laid back she is :O)

Once I started on her back paw I noticed that although it seemed much more comfortable for her it was forming puss, I gently squeezed it and it oozed out, Although we would have preferred to treat her ourselves to save the money, we decided she needed to go and see her favourite vet after all!

I have taken some photos as I thought you may be interested

As soon as they saw the front of the building the shivering started! They sort of pull behind as we enter.
Once we had given our name, we wondered about looking at all the little animals they have for sail. This sort of tricks the girls into thinking they are not going to that nasty old room after all.
Oops someone called Toffia, who was that, in we go daddy, aren't we brave then! Oh no, that smell again, that room. Let us go home Mum!

Our usual favourite man vet had finished for the day, we were very disappointed to be seeing someone else, we eventually saw this beautiful Spanish girl, she spoke broken English with a lovely accent that just added to her attraction, she was a truly beautiful and gentle person too.

She took a look at her paw whilst I held a quivering Toff. She said straight away “She is a corn head into the flesh of the toe yes, I make her sleepy to how you say ‘pick her out of flesh with the tweezers’ I pulled a face as I hate them being put to sleep, I am sooo scared they will not wake again! She smiled at me and said “she is good brave dog yes?” I said she is very good, why? "Shall I try to pick out with cuddles and no sleepy, yes?" I said “ Yes please,we can but try” Well you can see by my face that I was hurting as bad as Toff was, she had this sort of warning low quite growl going the whole time! Whilst the vet whispered sweet nothings to her in Spanish the whole time

We decided we would not mind her treating Toff and Giz in the future if our man is not available.

She was squeezing the toe when suddenly this thing shot out like an arrow making both of us jump! Toff reached out to try to smell what had just shot in front of her!! Was it food! He he

I think it made the vet jump as much as me :O)

Once the grass was out, she shot iodine and water into the hole to clean it, and then gave Toff an injection right in the hole UGH! Poor Toff, she was so good.

She gave me a tube of cream with a long thin nozzle that I have to insert into the hole and squeeze. She said it will have to heal from inside out. She also gave a pack of tablet's, she has to take ½ twice a day for ten days.

Whilst we were there we thought we may as well get their anal glands done, a horrid job for that pretty vet.

With her paw better, bums clean, they both virtually ran out with tails wagging.We presented the slip of paper that has the treatment written on with a code so we did not know the damage yet. 20 Euros! I am amazed each time I get a bill. This is about £17.

We took the two dogs to a vet to have their glands done in England on our last trip, and it cost £15.00 each! We had the same treatment as well as all Toffs for just £17.00 total.

I have managed to give her the cream trying very hard not to close my eyes from the site of this thing going into her poor hole. She was good with Dave holding her.

Tina Spain.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tina on a tiny journey

Hi all

I am about to start a little journey of Spain, I shall try to take my camera around with me and catch all the strange things in Spain as well as all the wonderful things.

My other blog was not working for me, this one has opened much better. AND it is all in English :O)

I shall start tomorrow as it is 3.10am and I have a lot to do before hitting the sack.