Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi everyone.

I decided to stick the innersole to my slipper again as it had come adrift, not a mean feat as it turned out!

What a mess I was in with both hands stuck fast and no Dave to help, I had to ring Jay my friend for help (again no mean feat) Jay arrived and the task of getting me unstuck began. We tried everything, in the end Jay had to cut my hand out of the shoe...

The tube of glue was a very different story, it kept springing leeks every where, I kid you not; it shot straight out on my tummy like a balloon full of water springing a leak.

You will possible notice that I had to take a shower with glue still stuck to me and change my clothes due to them being stuck to my tummy!

After the shower (which we had hoped would do the trick) it did not, we tried soaking the glue of in acetone but as you can see my hand could not go in the widest cup we could find!

We eventually managed to get it off by dipping a stick in acetone and forcing my fingers apart!! The air was blue with screams of OUCH. Only I could put a sticky messy tube onto a shelf. You have guessed it, I was stuck again!
Once we removed Tina the glue was stuck fast

Dave returned home and came to our rescue…well sort of, as you can see once the tube and I was free of the shelf, it became firmly stuck on Dave!!!

Once we removed the offending tube from Dave, poor Dave was left to chip the glue off!!