Saturday, August 18, 2007

Washing Machine two

We have chosen our Washing Machine. It is a Samsung and has a 1,000 rev spin and 6kg. It was to be delivered on Tuesday. The cost was 299.00 Euro. We had no sooner arrived home when the phone call came, they did not have one for another three weeks :O( As it was a good make and had the spin we wanted we decided to wait. I shall let you know when I am up and washing.

Arts and craft room

This blog will not be of any interest for anyone but Sandie and Leeta.

There you go Sandie and Leeta, you can see just how I pack everything. Everything has it's own box or draw. I have a chest of draws as well and each draw is clearly marked with it's contents :O) I didn't take a photo as I was scared there were already too many!
Jeanette gave me the table and chairs

These span the entire wall

And the box I got from the tip in use.

Friday, August 17, 2007

A new washing machine

We are off out tomorrow to buy a new washing machine! I cannot believe it.
Earlier today I was washing two bath towels and a double sheet and yesterday clothes. I was washing them in the bath when Liz a friend arrived for a visit.

I emerged from the bathroom soaking wet, hair stuck to my head, hot and very tired, (to be honest my hands throbbed from my arthritis) although this could not been seen. Liz didn’t say much at the time, we made her tea and we chatted.

This evening I had just settled down to watch Corry Street and East Enders when the door bell rang, Dave was out so I opened the door to Liz. She handed me an envelope, it contained 300 Euro! She said it is a loan for a washing machine, pay it back when ever you can.

The conversation went something like this:
Liz said she could not stand by and see me washing bath towels etc by hand in this hot weather when she had money in the bank that was not needed tomorrow. I of course I said it was so kind of her but we cannot except her offer, we would be able to buy one in about one month. At that point Dave returned, Liz put her hand up to quieten me and asked Dave if he believed one good turn deserves another, he said Yes of course why? . She then said, “well do not say no then, this is a good turn returned” Dave helped her earlier today to put up something that had smashed down, he had to climb her high wall, she said he was parked himself straddled across the wall helping her.
Don’t you think I am blessed to have such kind and good friends, what a very thoughtful and kind thing to do?

We have accepted her very kind offer; it was slowly killing me doing all this washing by hand. So that is why we are off tomorrow to buy a washing machine. I am only able to eat soup and pasta and water all day so it will take my mind off that too.

Front room photos

I have gradually spanned round the room so you can get an idea, you fussy lot!

Below is the dispenser of iced and boiling water . An eyesore but Invaluable to us living in this hot country. Everyone that comes and uses it wants one :O)

Just in case any of you asked what that was above the drinks machine! We cannot put screws or picture hangers in the walls in Spain unless you do a very deep screw with a raw plug and butterfly attachment, Dave cannot do hundreds of those so these have gone up with blue tack :O) I change them every month or so. At the moment you lot have just come down and my children up!! Can you see Peter? Daddy in fancy dress? Granny & Grandads Wedding? all of us in fancy dress too. I always keep them up lol.

My little scruffy station. It holds everything I need for computerising though, and more.

Turn your head sideways and see my CD holder on top!! They say CARDS..CARDS..SOFTWARE..COMPUTER AND PHOTOS . The bell is to bring the dogs in pronto when they bark

Last but not least the silly stool I sit on for hours since my one broke. The box is to rest my feet on when the back of my thighs get sciatica until my knees start to hurt! You can imagine how I hang over!! Also did you notice my old fashioned monitor since my flat screen one broke! Also my broken printer!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting ready for Hospital :O(

The bottle in the middle is the enema I have to administer to myself!!! The bottles either side are to be taken in a cold glass of water and sipped slowly to avoid vomiting :0(

Oh I cannot wait!!! what a thrill it is all going to be.
The diet starts tomorrow :O( I can eat grilled meat (I do not have a grill) pasta or rice, hard cheese, boiled white fish, biscuits without fibre, toast, filtered juice, Infusions, tea, coffee. Nothing else at all.
Saturday I am to eat rice or pasta, toast, biscuits without fibre. black coffee or black tea. water.
Sunday I am to have nothing but the sipped medication at ten, after 2pm I can have as much water as needed, nothing else until I take the 2nd bottle of water at 7pm in the afternoon (the afternoon stops at 9pm in Spain) sipping slowly to avoid vomiting. 9pm in evening as much water as needed. I think the few hours with no water after the medication must be to stop you bringing the lot up again! I do not like the bit that says 'slowly to stop vomit'
Water stops at midnight on Sunday and then nothing else until I have the 'exploration' at 12.30 apart from the much awaited enema!

Please pray for me that I only use one end of my body to get rid of the medication!! Preferably the part I am meant to use.

Unhappy Tina from Spain,


wishing she was from England and wishing she was having this blooming anima in hospital. I can't even reach my posterior when I am laying down!

Our Bedroom

Right side of window where wardrobes are, well joke for wardrobes are!

Left side of window.

windows. Had to put blinds down as everything is far too bright to take photos.

silly wardrobes. How I envy yours Sandie.

Downstairs Bathroom

Our units (see your clock Leeta) Units under sinks

Full to the top with sheets, duvet covers and towels
We do not have airing cupboards, under the stairs cupboards, any wall cupboards,
except the kitchen

Speaks for itself
Bath of course :O) Shower is on wall to the other end. The best jet shower I have ever
used. The temperature is always solid, the jets very powerful and a wide range.
I hate the shower curtain and not having matching towel's. One day I shall get both new!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our journey to our new life. Part Four

Our kitchen is an American style one, very small with the floorspace in between the units about the width of two door's I would say. This is looking in from the front room. The glass cabinets can be opened from this side or inside the kitchen. Behind the stools is a marbled effect tinted mirror.

At the far end you can see the stainless steel sink, below it to the left is a cupboard and to the right of that a dishwasher. The unit to the right: doubled doored cupboard set of draws and then a doubled door cupboard again. The unit to the left: my fridge freezer and next to that the broken washing machine :O( above on the unit is my microwave, n ext to the washer is the oven

We used to live in a very quite part of Orihuela-Costa in Los Palmeros. Orihuela is full of culture, history, churches and a cathedral. There is 16 kilometres of pure almost white beach not far from us. When we first moved here our road was quite with beautiful views, not built up and we could see for miles across the road, it was all empty spaces. We never, ever heard a car or humans screeching at each other as we do now.

Orihuela is famous for the ‘palmeral’ a huge palm tree forest and the river Seguria, We almost went to see it with Paul and Kirstie, we just never quite made it. Once Dave’s pension kicks in we will be able to travel a bit to see these places.

We live about ten minute’s car ride from this beautiful beach. In our part of Spain (as I am sure they do in England) they keep the beaches immaculately clean. Each morning a big sand sweeper arrives and sweeps up any seaweed that may have been deposited on the beach during the night, each evening it returns to sweep the entire beach, collecting up as it goes any thing left by the tourists.

Dogs are not allowed on the beaches, they have beaches they are allowed on, and one is very near our home. It has sand dunes mostly with a small beach and forest towards the back, well a Spanish forest anyway he he. (I shall send photos when I take them)

We never hear Gizzy cry, you know whimper and yelp except when we are in the car and I say ‘Beach’ she gets so excited that she actually starts crying and whimpering. They both love the sand and the dunes; they sometimes even get their toes wet and paddle.

I did not know that Toffee was capable of making a crying sound until they both had a hysterectomy together. The vet made the mistake of taking little Gizzy down first, I phoned to see if they were alright and they told me all that noise that I could hear was Toffee! I was flabbergasted, it sounded like a pack of wolfs!


They said they were both quite and cuddled up until they took Gizzy, Toff started crying that turned into wolf howls. I should have told them that Toff is the bigger dog but by far the baby; she depends on her Mum for everything. Giz is laid back and would not have cried if they had taken Toff first, she may have been frightened and sad but I do not think she would have made a noise.

Hope you liked the pictures of our stairs Leeta, he he, everyone will think I have gone off my head.

I am most happy to say that the letter is the only bad thing that has happened to us whilst living in Spain, many stupid or funny things, yes but nothing so bad. YET!


Our New pastor Steve and his wife Irene Marie are settling in nicely, They have asked Dave and I to be the welcoming committee on the door, which we happily excepted. The only downside so far is the computer has gone out the window as far as the songs are concerned, we now hand out song books when we welcome people, the reason for this is that Irene Marie cannot play many tunes :O) perhaps one day we may get someone that can help out with the music ah.


We also have just started a 'prayer chain' there is seven people (couples count as one) on it so far and Dave and I are one of them. If any of you need prayer, there is no prayer request too small or too unknown to us that we will not undertake. (i.e. Great Aunt Sophie in Iceland) no matter for what or how small please do not hesitate to ask. Leeta Arthur will be the first to go onto the chain.


Who ever gets the request log the date, name, telephone no. and prayer request then pass it to the next on the list, all the rest need to know is the request of course and whom the prayer request started, that way it should finish in the right place with no 'round robins'.


We have also put our name down for next Saturday to do the cleaning of the Church, there is four sets of couples that will do this months cleaning. It is the first time we have done it so I hope we will do it properly and find everything! There are lots of large windows to clean :O) Our Church will only need to do this once every two months as we share with another Church and they will take there turn. Hopefully other people will put there names down and it will not always be the same four who volunteer!


Irene Marie has just phone to ask can we help them with some sort of cleaning job, not quite sure what it all is as I could not fully understand her accent :O) We of course said Yes, they have invited us to lunch first, that will be nice. We will go to there house at 1.30 this afternoon. Irene Marie said they will of course pay us, we said No.


Hope all goes well with Arthur's results today Leeta.


Tina x

I cannot do a photo bucket. I get right up to clicking 'create a slide show' and when it finally opens it is onto a blank white sheet. I have tried a hundred times.

Because my computer is very slow I have done it again with just 4 photos all under 100 kb. but it still opens to a white page :O(

I have now run out of time as I have to cook Sunday dinner, we have to eat early today as it is Church and rush home for Dave to do an airport run.