Friday, April 25, 2008


09.30am Decided to have a breakfast, which I normally never do. A bowl of
cornflakes with skimmed milk.

11.30am Staving, which I never am at this time usually.

12.30pm Fainting…

01.30pm Hurray nearly lunch time….

02.30pm Dinner: made up of one slice of ham (fat free) lettuce,one
tomatoes and cucumber and a spoon full of baked beans.

04.30pm passing gas… and staving….

05.30pm fainting again

06.30pm Dinner of lean chicken breast.. Carrots.. Green beans… full

09.30pm Peckish…but I do not eat …

11.30pm Hungry… Eat my knuckles

12.30am Just looking in the fridge…nothing

01.30am Must go to bed soon before I faint

02.30am So hungry I should eat something… But won’t

0.03am I know, I will drink a glass of water to fill me… Go into bathroom brush my teeth.. Get undressed… Still hungry.. Very hungry. Get into bed and try to sleep.

03.30am Hunger pains and sciatica keeping me awake. Drink another glass of

04.30am Hungry…miserable... in pain and my bladder is bursting!

Sleep ah! First day over!


weechuff said...

Hahaha!! You won't be hungry if you follow the diet I have sent to you!! And go to bed at a reasonable time:0)My first weigh in will be next Monday.

Babs (Beetle) said...

A diet that bad won't last. Do it sensibly :O)

Spider said...

hee hee. I shall try :O)

Gardagami said...

See Please Here

granny grimble said...

Tina, that will never last. That's not a diet, that's torture!
Join the rest of us and you won't be hungry.

Jeanette Spain said...

What on earth diet are you on Tina you cannot survive a diet like that, you will give in.