Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Mary and Ernie celebrated their GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and asked Dave and I if we would be their guests in the new and wonderfully large posh Chinese Restaurant.

To make the evening as special as we could we had a pale pink (Mary’s favourite colour) crystal heart engraved with the words MARY AND ERNIE 1958. On it. I gift wrapped the box in gold paper with a pretty gold bow. I made them an anniversary card all in gold and very gold glittery as well.

The evening of the meal arrived, earlier that afternoon Dave had gone to see the staff to ask for the anniversary waltz to be played and a presentation of cheap champagne to be presented. We all set off to the restaurant. Dave wrote on a piece of paper ‘Mary and Ernie. Golden Wedding Anniversary’ and gave it to the man as we entered the restaurant as a reminder.

The meal was fantastic meal.

The live singer matched the meal, the manager of the restaurant gave us a nod and the band struck up and the singer sang loud and clear ‘Happy Birthday to you’ Happy Birthday Maryernie happy birthday to you. Then he announced in broken English that it is Maryernies 50th Birthday today!

Well Mary did not know whether to be pleased they thought her 50 or to laugh out load, she did both :O). The manager came up with half a bottle of really expensive champagne (Mary and Ernie said so) we were so scared as we had said four glasses of a cheap champagne. To our amazement and gratitude he then said ‘on the house’

Later after eating Dave and I did our usual thing of getting up to dance to a slow Elvis song. After the dance was finished the singer then said in a load voice to the room

“Everyone say happy birthday to Maryernie” and promptly blew me a kiss!

I really think that this was the last straw for poor Mary lol.

We finished off the evening back at our house eating the large trifle I had made for them. They stayed really late and had a wonderful evening and a very good laugh at Spain and the language barrier.

Some photos of carved tree roots etc that were in the gardens.


Babs (Beetle) said...

It sounds like you all had a lovely evening!

That is the trouble with a language barrier. It's not easy to correct a mistake!

Croom said...

No it is very 'un easy'Babs. You know what they say about digging a bigger hole!

weechuff said...

Hahaha!! Good job they took it in good spirits! Glad you enjoyed the meal. I seem to remember you have been taken out to meals in the past. Lucky you! Aren't the wood carvings great?

GoldAnne said...

Wow you certainly had a great time , how sweet to organize all that ,, sauper pics too
love anne xxx

Sindie said...

Oooh ha ha ha! How embarassing! Sounds like you had a really lovely time despite the little problems anyway. :0)

granny grimble said...

What a lovely evening. In a way made more memorable by the bizzare way it turned out. They will never forget it will they :0) It was so thoughtful and kind of you and Dave to make it such a lovely Golden Anniversay for them. Mary looks like she is feeling a lot better now, doesn't she.

granny grimble said...

Just testing my abiliuty to post comments Tina, but while I'm here, how about another blog XXX

weechuff said...

I am not showing uip as a 'recent veiwer' on your blog. I don't know why. Have you sorted out your problems with the blog yet. We miss your blogs:0(