Monday, September 29, 2008

My Little Miracle

I was thrilled to bits to see an Iceland open just down the road from us. The opening day was last Wednesday but I had Bible study in the morning and then straight on for lunch at a friend’s house and so could not go. I was not too sad because I knew I would be sooo devastated to see all that cheap English meat that I so desire to cook with, and not have anywhere to store it. We never got to go on Thursday either because other things kept popping up, as I said I was not sure I wanted to be upset by it anyway. Thursday evening we went to Bible study. After the study we were all sitting round chatting and someone mentioned the new Iceland, they were all saying how wonderful it was and how cheap the food was. Someone said “You are quiet Tina, haven’t you been yet? “ I laughed and said I had not but as I haven’t got a deep freeze there wasn’t really any point. Everyone seemed surprised I did not have one. I said “Well I nearly had one about two years ago. Do you remember that someone gave one to the Church and Mary said after they had gone that the Church really did not have a use for it, she then asked if anyone needed one. I kept quite because I was very new and too shy to grab it. So I missed out” Irene Maria said “Well maybe not Tina” she went on to explain that it was Joan who had claimed it but as she lived upstairs in a flat and had a good one in perfectly good working order (just a bit rusty on the outside) they decided it was not worth all the effort. It got put in the store room and that is where it has remained for well over a year! Irene Maria asked if anyone had any objections to the Church giving it to me and everyone was delighted. I had my Freezer! We took it home that evening and could not believe how new it was, it has a top for ice cream etc and three large draws. It has not got a mark on it and did not even need a wash (although I gave it one lol) Friday morning saw Dave and I in Iceland spending next weeks house keeping. Oooh I was so excited…a large bag of pork and beef sausages for just 3.50 Euro, chops… mince, even a turkey breast joint for 6 Euros. My freezer is now quite full of the most exciting meats and vegs. Even a few ice-lolly’s in the top :O) You see there are Miracles aren’t they? God waited for Iceland to open before giving it to me. wooooweeeeee

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